I had no intention of writing last night because I have started reading a book that my friend, Stephanie gave me. The book is called IMPRESSIONS:THE POWER OF PERSONAL BRANDING IN LIVING AN EXTRAODINARY LIFE. It is written by Coyte Cooper, Phd.

Part of moving wear I want to be requires me to not only write but care for myself so that I am stronger, more focused and ready for the move. This book discusses the importance of ‘branding’ meaning how you are seen in this world. Now what others think is two fold. One is that others options don’t really matter when it is meant to hurt you or drive you off of your coarse. It does matter as a tool to see how you project your on image aka your brand.

Moving in the direction you desire must first come from inside. Next, how you project that out way has a big effect on how far you are likely to travel. So, believe in yourself and never be afraid to effect others in a positive manner!

I work half of the day today but wish you a wonderful Saturday!!

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