Returning To Spyderia

Mario, Louis, Sindy stared at Cristena as she began thinking of a way to get up to the attic. Just then, Mrs. Ragsby returned to the kitchen to announce that her sister was on the telephone and for the four friends to make themselves at home.

Once gone, Cristena knew this was the opportunity they needed. Everyone rose from their seats and slowly made their way down the hallway. Mrs. Ragsby could be heard talking to her sister about the backyard garden. This was a clear sign the Mrs. Ragsby would be some time on the telephone.

One by one, The Boondock Kids made their way, slowly and quietly, up the wood staircase, with every creek in the steps causing a brief pause to verify they were alright to continue. They found their way to the doorway leading to the attic and single file, entered with Cristena closing the door behind her.

Once upstairs, Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena stood before the secret door. None moving too fast, although they all were excited. It would be that Louis asked the question of who would open the door. Three face turned towards Cristena, who accepted the challenge. Opening the door allowed a gentle wind blow through the attic, stirring up dust throughout the attic.

Cristena then invited Louis to be the first to walk through the doorway. He would enter, followed by Mario, Sindy and Cristena, who would yet again, close the door behind herself. Now The Boondock Kids have returned to Spyderia!

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