36 Hours/2 Hours Sleep

Last night there was no writing, there was no queries being written, The Boondock Kids remained where they stood and sleep was not a thought anywhere in my head!

As soon as I returned home from my work at 5:30 I had a phone call. It was my sons mother, saying that Lynden was in a great deal of pain and asking if I could take him to the hospital. She had had a tooth removed that day and was highly medicated and could not leave her house. I said I would pick him up at his grandparents (he was spending the night).

I rushed to pick him up and went to the hospital. They checked his pee and found nothing. Then was a scary situation, possibly appendix or stones. It was so nerve racking to hear those possibilities come from the doctors mouth.

After an hour and half, I went with him and had x-rays done. Then back to the ER for a 45 minute wait for results. After three hours, the doctor came in and said that Lynden was going to have to go through a cat scan and for the next two and a half hours, he had to drink a liquid to light up his organs in the scan.

We had been there since 5:30 and now he was drinking this liquid at midnight. He was taken to the cat scan and the wonderful technician showed him what the photos looked like. It must be said that once I knew what we were all looking at, the cat scan is a remarkable medical miracle.

Then it was back to the ER and another hour wait. The doctor came in and said this very long word and said it was a very rough virus that Lynden had caught and would have to pass it with a liquid diet and pain pills. The great news was, no stones, appendix was good and his insides was right where they needed to be!

It was after 1:30 when everyone left the hospital. I hugged Lynden goodbye as he went home with his mom so she could watch him today. I made my way home and made it to bed it was after 2:30a.m. After two hours of sleep, my alarm went of to signal my need to begin my morning ritual. This was not to be this morning. I laid in my bed until 6:30 when I got up and dressed for work.

Ten hours later, I am thankful to be home and grateful that Lynden is feeling a small amount better. So, lol, as my body is shaking a little, I am waiting on my dinner to cool so that I can eat, I’m hungry! My plan for the next couple of hours until my normal bedtime, ok, maybe not midnight tonight but a sooner timeframe, is to eat, shower and research and query two more literary agents for Barney & Lexi.

As for now it is dinner time. Have a great evening and Live With Passion!!

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