Three Hours Reading, Four Agents Written

So, I rushed home after work tonight and flew inside. Why? Because I was on a mission! I grabbed the leash called for Lynden’s dog, Rascal and out the door we went to potty. Back inside, fed Rascal, Ethan’s cat Smokey and Rylen’s fish. With a pizza popped into the oven and the timer set for 20 minutes, I sat down at my laptop and began reading.

Tonight I began reading up on Literary Agents who have interests in Children’s Lit. I found many who I will write as time goes on and some I look forward to writing very soon. However, tonight, I found a handful that I could not wait to query and so, one by one, I researched agency websites and agent blogs.

Now, three hours later, with the pizza long since scarfed down, I read up on and queried Barney & Lexi to four amazing agents who have a great joy for Children’s Literature! I enjoyed the colorful blogs and the websites that invited you into the world of writing with a sense of playfulness. I look forward to hearing from each of them, yay or nay, either way!

Now it is time for a quick shower and then back out to get back into The Boondock Kids. I have to get Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena back to Spyderia!! I’ll be back!

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