“How We Gonna Get Upstairs?”

After school, Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena began to discuss how they would be able to get into Mrs. Ragsbys attic again.

Sindy suggested faking having to leave early but instead of leaving, going upstairs. It was agreed that no one really would every lie to Mrs. Ragsby.
Mario then suggested that they could simply sneak into the house and never be noticed. However, that too was considered dishonest and scraped.
Cristena said she would decide something.
They soon found themself standing in an empty kitchen, with the smell of a baked pumpkin pie in the air. Then Mrs. Ragsby entered the kitchen and offered the four a slice of pie. Enjoying the pie, The Boondock Kids discovered that the pie had been Mr Ragsbys favorite.
Mario, Louis and Sindy began to stare at Cristena for an answer. Just then the telephone rang and interrupted their snack.

* Well I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!! Live With Passion!!!

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