Straight Up Critique

I admit that I was surprised when Susan Hawk passed on BARNEY & LEXI: LOST IN LAWRENCEVILLE. I had thought that it would have been a wonderful fit into her love for children’s books. I am happy to let you know that I have been let in on some very simple mistakes that I overlooked that may have caused that.

I met published Children’s Author and People Magazine reviewed, Liesl Shurtliff, a week ago through an SCBWI group on Yahoo. She asked if she could see a copy of a recent Query for review. I admit I was happy to have someone critique my Query to Mrs. Hawk because I felt very good about it and wanted to understand what may have hurt it with her.

Liesl was straight forward with me and brought to light that many typos were within the body of the Query. It was also a bit too long for any agent who may not have time to read much of my letter.

The good side is that an editor will not need to help me write a good Query but I need to slow it down a notch and make sure that my words are precise and correct. I also need to simply compress the letter a bit tighter and leave out some information that the agent will already know.

Mrs. Shurtliff also read the first ten pages of Barney & Lexi and complimented the work and stressed making the corrections to my future queries so that agents will get passed it and into the story I am pitching. After rereading her review, I have a greater understanding of the Query Letter and why it is so important to sell it as much as your story!

I am grateful for her time and want to invite you to visit her website and enjoy her works as well. Until next time, have a great Monday and Live With Passion!!

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