The Best Rejection

Friday was a good day, in fact it was wonderful! No, I didn’t land an agent but I got something almost as good, something that would have hurt three days ago but, as fate would have it, the timing was right. What was it??

Based on the subject above, I’m sure you already guessed it, I had The Best Rejection sent to me yesterday. It came from Mrs. Susan Hawk, of The Bent Agency. She was one of a select few that I was very much hoping would enjoy working with me. However, she took the time to write and in a manner that affirmed my desire to work with her. I can’t tell you how wonderful to her an agent sound human! Below is a comment from her reply.

“Thank you so much for sharing your book with me, I truly appreciate your interest. I’ve had a chance to review and consider your work and can see how much you’ve invested in this.”

For me as a writer, to her an agent note that they could see my investment into my work, is almost golden. It helps with the rejection and allows for the goodness in the reply to be embraced and used to move on with confidence!

Instead of kicking my feet in the dirt, I thanked my God for the lesson learned. I carried my good fortune home with me where I replaced the Mass Air Flow Sensor and Cam Shaft Postion Sensor on my Jimmy. They were both going bad and allowing the Jimmy to run very rough. Now it is fixed and running much better!

In a few hours, I will being going to pick up my kids. Gosh, I love them!! I’m not sure what we will do this weekend but it will be the best time being together! Just as long as they don’t leave the Lego spider laying around to scare me half to death! HAHA

Before I go, I want to say that I hope your weekend is wonderful and that you are able to enjoy it! Although we have never met, there is nothing wrong with wishing others the best you can. Have a wonderful day, thank you for reading and Live With Passion!!!

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