Out And Onward :)

Well, it only took a couple of days, but the very slight meltdown I had over agents, queries and love interests met its match! My God helped me rise above it all and has me back on track on three days and with it a new sense of networking.

I had many great links given to me from authors in my SCBWI yahoo group. I found Query Tracker and Absolute Write. I hope I am able to take advantage of these sites to make some new author friends and be able to plug into some much needed networking that I have found difficult to do in the past.

I also was given a link to an article by a woman named Alana Saltz, giving me what I needed most of all: a simple, easy to read breakdown of what a Query Letter really should be and why. I realize now how simple it is supposed to be and why thought should go into it. The article rid me of my stress over queries, allowing me to take a deep breath and press onward. (No pun intended!) 🙂

Tonight was a wonderful night, Lynden  had his second solo competition practice at school and I am proud to say that he has improved and finding his rhythm. I can’t  wait for the 12th to hear him but won’t rush it so he has time to practice.

Rushing is all that Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena  can do since deciding that they were returning to Spyderia. Although they each were able to sleep, the morning came to four eager bodies. Mario woke and quickly smiled at his Johnny Cash poster on his ceiling before climbing out of and making his bed. Louis meanwhile, jump out of bed so quickly, that he nearly hit his fish tank with his quilted blanket as he flung it off before leaping out of bed.

Sindys brass clock began to ring as she shut it off with her eyes closed. Those eyes only remained closed until she thought of going to Mrs. Ragsby’s house and then they opened wide. Cristena also switched her alarm off, with her auburn hair covering half of her face, she sat on the edge of her bed with a smile.

Soon they would all be on the bus, sitting in the back and riding to school. The morning seemed to drag on forever and at lunch, no one could eat because of their excitement. Next came the afternoon which was a killer because it seemed as if it were a time warp, where time did not exist.

The 3:15 bell would ring though and The Boondock Kids would make their way out of the classroom, down the hall and out the doors, into the evening air.

I wish you nothing but a wonderful Friday, its a payday for me, thank goodness. Go for the gold, stay focused and Live With Passion!!

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