No Net

I have not been here in over a week because my internet on my phone ended for the month, leaving me with no net period.

I have The Boondock Kids further along and have not heard back from any agents but the time is still very early.

I’ll be back at another page tonight, but for now it is off to the work that is paying the bills. I just want to wish you a wonderful Wednesday!!

Pizza And A Discovery

Tonight, while shaving, I was happily surprised by my 8 year old son, Ethan. He was knocking (more like tapping) on my back wanting to know if I would like to go with him and his grandma to a local pizzeria. A moment I was happy to be a part of.
We had a wonderful hour talking about sharks and electric bills. Ethan introduced me to the Sharkray shark, something I never knew existed.
After our dinner, I returned home to find The Boondock Kids in   the woods of Spyderia and attempting to find the source of a marching sound they heard.
Louis and Cristen took off first up the hillside and out of sight. Mario and Sindy raced to catch up, only to find Louis and Cristen laying down hill, overlooking a cliff that looked out and over a wooded valley.
Once Mario and Sindy la yes down, they to saw what was making the marking sound. Unsure of what these creatures were, having never seen them before in Red Hill.

The Dancing Leaves

As Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena enter Spyderia, they find a beautiful day awaiting them. Windy, the kids watch as leaves blow across the ground within the forest.
Then Louis and Cristena become entranced by seven dancing  leaves that we’re, in fact, dancing the Waltz, making their way up a hillside and out of sight.
Louis and Cristena are excited about Spyderia and can’t wait to explore. It is then that Sindy and Mario hear a marching sounds coming from over the gentle slop and Louis and Cristena take off up the hillside to discover the source, meanwhile, Mario and Sindy are pleading with their friends to return.

Well it has been a long day and ONE eye is already closed. Have a most wonderful Wednesday!!!

Set your goals!

Today I came home from work and quickly cleaned my home for when my boy’s come over after while. I ate my lunch and then have spent the past four hours goal setting and discovering what I truly want out of this life.


As I was writing, it was clearly changing my perception of why I wanted these things and what they meant to me. Putting them down on paper gets the thoughts where I have a remarkable and powerful set of visual aids. It also serves as a reminder at multiple points throughout my day, not just when I think of them.


Next, I began to write down what I am looking for in another woman, once this was done, I was shocked. After seeing what I desire most, it was understandable why all of my relationships and two marriages did not last. I always knew things in my head but to put them on paper was clarifying.
So regardless of what any other individual may say or think of your goals, write them down and begin living in the direction you want to go!


I had no intention of writing last night because I have started reading a book that my friend, Stephanie gave me. The book is called IMPRESSIONS:THE POWER OF PERSONAL BRANDING IN LIVING AN EXTRAODINARY LIFE. It is written by Coyte Cooper, Phd.

Part of moving wear I want to be requires me to not only write but care for myself so that I am stronger, more focused and ready for the move. This book discusses the importance of ‘branding’ meaning how you are seen in this world. Now what others think is two fold. One is that others options don’t really matter when it is meant to hurt you or drive you off of your coarse. It does matter as a tool to see how you project your on image aka your brand.

Moving in the direction you desire must first come from inside. Next, how you project that out way has a big effect on how far you are likely to travel. So, believe in yourself and never be afraid to effect others in a positive manner!

I work half of the day today but wish you a wonderful Saturday!!