Three Agent Night

No writing tonight because I have dedicated the past 2 1/2 hours to writing three Query letters to three literary agents. I took the time getting to know about the agents that I was choosing to write to. It has helped me so much to write a query that has more heart and care for the agents than I have down before, something I lacked.

I feel great about these three and one I wrote a couple of nights ago. Four agents that have a passion for Children’s Literature, that I hope I will get the joy of working with. Who would have thought, me of all writers, would rise out of the ashes of 2015 and be back in full force!?

Tonight, I took my oldest son, Lynden, to his first solo Trombone practice for competition. He did this last year and won a medal! This year, although it is his first practice with a piano playing with him, he did so wonderful and I am very excited to see him succeed with his music!

I also got to see my other boys and that top the days cake with icing! :P– I am so gosh darn blessed it isn’t funny, agent or no agent.

One other thing, thank you for staying here with me through all of this!! It means so much to have you read this and share this crazy ride with me. I hope that your Friday is magnificent and you are blessed!!

Live With Passion!!



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