The Time Is Set

Sitting at the lunch table, Mario asks Louis, Sindy and Cristena when they want to go back to Spyderia. Louis suggested going that night but Sindy explained that she couldn’t because she would be gone with her parents that night.
It was Cristena who mention going the following day, since it was Friday, they would be able to have no time limit. Louis and Sindy agreed to Cristenia idea and awaited Mario’s thoughts.
With all eyes on him, he decided to reschedule is spending the night with his grandparents to Sautrday night. He loved time with his grandparents but was very curious about going back to Spyderia also. So it was set that they would go to Mrs. Ragsby’s house after school the next day and find a way to return to the attic door.

*Not much happening today. I wrote my SCBWI Yahoo groups and asked if it was alright to query more than one agent at a time. Everyone suggested around five to start with and then wait and see what happens. So, I think I will sit down and work on that tomorrow evening and send out four more queries!

My middle sons gave me a fundraiser for his first grade class yesterday and I have to say that everything looks so good. I bought something and hope it helps his class.
So, until tomorrow, Live With Passion!!!!

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