The Boondock Kids Decide To Return To Spyderia!

At Red Hill Elementary, the children enter the lunch room through two bright red, swinging doors. One by one they all line up and take fish and macaroni with cheese. Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena  find an empty table in the far corner, near the windows and sit down to eat. Being very hungry, the four friends waste little time eating before Louis brings up the subject of Spyderia and the day before adventure that was had.

Louis asks everyone about Spyderia and the table takes turns speaking. Sindy wanted to believe it was a dream but being that everyone else had it, she knew it was impossible. Cristena was more excited when talking about the moment. It would be clear before long that everyone, though cautious wanted to return to Mrs. Ragsby’s house and see if the doorway was still there.

It could not be ignored that everyone wanted to go. Once the decision to return was made, a large weight had lifted off of the four friends and intrigue began to set in as lunch hour was ending.

*Wow, I can hardly remain awake! One eye is shut and I am misspelling words on every line! Grateful for spell check!! Today I signed my oldest son up for track and I am so very proud of him for reaching for more in life!! I know he will do amazing if he sets his mind to it!

Still looking to hear from the single literary agent that I emailed over the weekend. It takes time and I am grateful to wait and see! Ok, got to lay down, my body is beginning to quit on me. I hope you have an amazing Wednesday! Live With Passion!!


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