School Haze

The old, yellow school bus pulled up to Red Hill Elementary and opened its creaky door. Thatcher and Thomas hurried off with their classmates as Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena would the final four off. Each going to their own lockers, yet entering class together, Mrs. Nellenfelter noticed there lack energy for the day.
Then came shock, for Mrs. Nellenfelter acknowledged that Cristena was not only on time, but early.Making their was through the classroom and taking there seats in The Boondocks. It would take forever for the talk less morning to end. So much needed to be said.

Well, tonight, I took my youngest sons Cub Scout den to a local state park for a hick. What alot of great evening! Then home to a bowl of peas and greenbeans, mixed together.

Here’s to a wonderful Tuesday! Live With Passion!!!

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