One Eye Open

As the old school bus made its way around Red Hill, picking up young students, Sindy could hardly stay awake. Once on the bus, she made her way to the back seat and fell asleep.
Louis stood at the tee intersection with other bus riders but stood alone and with his hoodie hood pulled over his head since, he too, had trouble staying awake with only a half a night’s sleep. Cristena, on time for once, arrived with a rare hoodie of her own on and it too was pulled over her head. She and Louis made small talk, hoping to keep one another going. Louis would ignore the bus driver as she mentioned his sluggish walk and Cristena made very little acknowledgement when the driver noticed she was on time for the bus.
Just up the road, Mario, Thatcher and Thomas sat at the curb out front of their house. Mario was asleep, leaning against Thatcher, which drove him nuts, however did nothing so he didn’t make his big brother upset. Thomas meanwhile, began tapping Mario on the cheek, hollering to wake up.

Mario woke as the bus came down the street and their mother brought his lunch out to him, saying if he were getting sick, she would pick him up at school if she needed to.

Mario made his way to the back and sat down next to Sindy, waking her. The four friends said little on the ride to school, mostly because of the shock still in the air.

Well, another great day and a couple more pages of The Boondock Kids done. I’m writing you on my phone tonight and am almost asleep myself! Have a blessed Thursday and I will be here tomorrow! Live With Passion

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