A Long Night For The Boondock Kids

As Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena left Mrs. Nellenfelters, they walked down the street, past the ball field and firestation. Not saying a word, they were all in shock about there visit to Spyderia.
The friends would reach Sindy’s house as the dusk to dawn lights began to come on and she went in for dinner. It would then be time for Louis and Cristena (who were neighbors) to say goodnight to Mario.
Once by themselves, Louis and Cristena tried to talk to one another but found it awkward and both went in for dinner. Cristena’s family was serving meatloaf while Louis’s folks were having ‘Breakfast For Dinner’ night.

Mario would go home, get hit in the feet by Thomas’s fire truck and unknowingly giving Thatcher a piece of his dinner pizza while trying not to tell his father what happend.

Sindy would only halfway finish her meal before being teased about kissing boy’s by her younger brother Miles and turning in to bed for the night.

Well, that’s it for tonight. I hope you have a great Wednesday and Live With Passion

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