EverFour: Into The Ever

I have spent the last hour giving what I believe is the very best for Into The Evermore. He must see things within himself if He is to survive. With my floors cleaned, dishes put away, laundry folded and clothes laid out for tomorrows earning of the paycheck, I want to leave you EverFour, the fourth and final installment of the Into The Evermore collection. I look forward to speaking with you tomorrow! Remember, Live With Passion!



Her face, so gentle and alluring. Her soul, so unique yet so much like his own. He could see her smile, her strength, her core! It was such a collaboration that he had not expected, side by side and soul to soul, they had stood together. He knew that She was it, the oasis in such a wasteland, such a bond that was never before spoken of in any lore.

Then came a tremble and his scene grew dim for a short moment. He could feel a sense of pain. As the sensation subsided, the warmth of her essance returned to him, as if it were a lost soul that had found its host. She was no more perfect than He, every sensual scar was a reminder that She too knew of the battles and the She too, had felt the blistering agony of ‘Their Kind’. It was from here that a sensation had come over his shoulder, a sensation that He could feel this movement beginning to pull himself further and further away from his vision, snatching him from the saftey of her overpowering senses.

Then darkness as one eyelid would slowly open, followed by the other, in a sense of realization that He was not, in fact, in this perfect state but rather cheating death inside the wasteland that he had come to call ‘Home’.

Then the sensation began to move away. He raised his weary head to witness her standing before him and in fact She was the one giving the sensation by placing her hand on his shoulder and awaking him from his near core-ending dream state. WIth little strength, He move further upright, so to look at her more clearly, a movement that cause so much pain, every sense of reality rolled back into his soul like a tidle wave. The source of the pain was more clear now, He had exposed his core and it was now shattered by the blade that rested within.

As the hot wind blew across the wasteland, He watched as it blew her hair across such an angelic face, so seemingly innocent, yet he knew how his pain had come to be. Sitting there against the stone, He could not believe how he was so easily skirted, how such confused trickery could have been performed. Then, the understanding that She was like ‘Their Kind’ and he was now paying the ultimate price for exposing his deepest, darkest self to her.

He looked away from her face and could clearly see that just off in the distance, stood her core and the place where her soul truly rested. It was a sense of blind vision, seeing so much pain before her, caused in some part, by her own hand, that She could willingly trade his pain for her comfort. She stood before him with a sense of connection but it mattered little to the essence behind her that had sole claim over her core.

She knelt down to look him in the eyes, to see such anguish for nothing. He stared into her eyes with all of the energy he had left. As He did, an immidiate reclaimation began to form. He slowly began to look into her eyes, not for a sense of reason but rather, a sense of purpose.

He began to push himself against the stone and slowly rose from the pool of blood that laid beneath him. She reached for him but hesitated as He winced in pain and made it onto his feet, a moment He had long given up on.

The two warriors stood in the middle of the wasteland, broken, battered and bewildered. Only the wind could be heard as it raced by with shear velocity.

He then looked down in reflection, for a moment had come that either ment life or death. A decision was to be made right here and now that could not be avoided. With both hands slowly reach over his shoulders, grasping the blade that had been lodged in his core, He let out a curdling scream as He slowly pulled the blood soaked blade from his inner self.

The blade scraped the stone behind him as he weakly brought it around from behind and held the dripping blade in both hands. Both warriors would spend some time staring into one another and reflecting on the blade that stood between them both.

It was at that moment He dropped the blade into the soil at her feet, creating a cloud of red dust that was quickly carried off by the wasteland winds. She stared at the blade and then back to him. For he no longer glimpsed back but rather slowly lowered his head as he would begin to turn his body and walk away. He had made the decision to use every ounce of energy left to suppress his core and force a self issued reconfiguration, and giving his core a chance to regenerate over time.

She watched as the once steady stream of blood had shrunk to a slow drip and resended into nothing. He began walking, walking in a new direction that would carry him and his core out of this wasteland, once and for all. He had left the blade behind as a reminder to her of the battles that She accepts endures alone.

With the smallest crack of a grin possible, He walked off into the wasteland and out of sight. He walked out of that sight and into the evermore!!


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