A Regrettable Farewell For Now

On a night that my family should be celebrating my wife being able to return to work after being off due to an illness, instead it is spent worrying where the next dollar will come from. On the day that my wonderful wife, Marcey, was released from a physicians care and allowed to return to work, a letter from her employer was on it way to our home. The following day, Marcey was to phone her workplace and begin the steps to return to work, instead, a letter arrived in the mail stating that she had been terminated and no longer employed.

That night, my wife and I sat in our home, dividing pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters into stacks so that they could be turned in for bills. It is difficult because as we sorted our change, we realized that, in that change, was all the money we had.

With this, I have found myself unable to work on my writing and photographs. I sit down and nothing will come out, creatively, but instead concerns of how I am going to take care of my family.

For the foreseeable future, I will not being working on my books. Some have already said negative things about my decision but to be honest, until you put yourself into a person shoes, you will never be that person, or understand their situation. I love writing and have always hoped to support my family by doing so. However, this time the stakes have just reached to high and I can no longer hold onto my dream. Never say never but until that time will come, I hope you are able to Live With Passion.

Please take care, L.B.

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