I’m Trying To Turn It All Around

I didn’t wake up early this morning, I did not go for a jog or sit down at the dining room table for breakfast, yet today was a turning point. After working on our family’s bicycles, I decided that this morning was to mark a turn around as I rode my bike to my paycheck job for the first time in over two years. It felt wonderful to be back on it and feel one step closer to getting back to where I once was.

My next goal is to get some clutter cleared from my noggin so that I can get back to The Boondock Kids on a nightly basis. It is hard for me to write when worries enter my head. I don’t mean everyday worries, worries that impact you, your family and your quality of life. For me writing is about the creative flow of imagination and the constructive transfer of the energy onto the paper in the form of the written word.

This year, there have been a handful of moments when it felt amazing to sit back down and write, to feel in control of life and be the driving force behind mine. Although my desktop is down, I look forward to a new one that will last me for many more years to come.

Through everything that this year has built to stand in my way, I am here to inform it that a road block may slow me down, but it will not keep me from becoming a published author! I hope you smile, the week is half over and closer to the weekend! I hope you have a wonderful Thursday! Trust that I will bike myself in again tomorrow with a sense of determination!

Live With Passion!!

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