Spring Volume #2

grayAfter a great night with family, I woke to the sound of children’s feet and little knocks on the door, announcing that hungry bellies were ready for breakfast. We made a family affair out of toasting waffles in the toaster. As funny as it may sound, I enjoyed watching them wolf down the syrup laden meal. Then it was time to change into their swim wear and hit the pool while I mowed our lawn. Hot, to say the least, I admit to break taking but at times, envied the kids in the cool, clear water of the swimming pool.

By sunset, I began to finish the final layout and story board set for the second volume of my Spring picture book. With the amount of favorite photos I had to choose from, the Spring set will be made of three volumes. I look forward to the feed back on this series. I want to invite you to click below and take a peek.

Now, as my daughter, stops around our home, begging for a snack before bed, I wish you a wonderful beginning to your week and hope everything positive comes your way!

Live With Passion!!

spring volume 2 cover

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