Author Releases First Picture Book

If I have learned one thing on this crazy ride that we call life, it is that usually after your most down trodden moment comes a moment of celerity. Whenever it seems desolate and breathe of hope, hanging in there just another step leads to the exact opposite.

Truth in point, with what began in 2012 as a simple drive through the back roads of my homeland county, turned into 1,000s of photographs and a journey that cover 6,224 miles has come full circle for me as today, the first volume of my spring edition is now available in the marketplace! To see it laid out and looking what I had hoped for is a dream come true.

Back then, I had no idea that the first mile would lead into a twice cross country trek in mileage and that what was only going to be one simple coffee table book will now become a multiple volume compilation of color, serenity and memories. I want to take a moment to invite you to click below and check it out. If you are a big city resident, I want to show you a different side of life and for the country folks, a chance to be taken back to a time that is almost forgotten. It is amazing what you see when your not going 55!

Live With Passion

Every Road, Every Season (Spring, Volume #1)

Every Road, Every Season (Spring, Volume #1)


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