Preparing The Spring Volume


Another 4th of July has come and gone and I have to say that for one of the rare 4th’s that all of my children were gone elsewhere, it was still a very good holiday and one I am thankful for.

For off, being the father of four children, it is rare to have a morning to sleep in, usually that term is used for when you are allowed to rest until 8a.m. This holiday, however, saw this writer sleeping in until just past noon. A refreshing experience to wake up when your body has collected enough rest to attack the day with energy!

After a shower, my wife and I were off on a trip to Evansville, Indiana to visit with some family. It is always nice to meet new people and have an evening filled with food, laughter and memories! It was a wonderful visit in the newest sub division being built.

It was then off to the levee which ran by the Casino Aztar and Tropicana Hotel to watch the city’s fireworks show. It was a long walk down the four-lane from where we were able to park to the levee but once we were there, it was an amazing show that we shared with thousands of other people who celebrated a night of celebration. It was a tiring drive back home and a very late night to get there but we made it home and I was able to have a second day of sleeping in. Not to shabby!

This Sunday, we put up a pool so that our children can swim on these hot, summer days. I admit, I could go out there myself and relax.

With the festivities behind me and the pool up and running, I have sat down in the living room, because my desk top has crashed and the new laptop was plugged into the living room, and for the past two hours, have reduced over 500 pictures of spring in Lawrence County, Illinois down to 120 photos that I will be putting into my ‘Spring Volume’ of my four volume series, ‘Every Road, Every Season’.

I am going to put the first run of the book through Lulu and see how well it does. Tomorrow will be sitting down, after the kids last baseball game, and begin adding my pictures and text into the book and storyboarding out how I want the pages to be laid out.

As I do this, I am learning how to use a laptop all over again. I have always preferred my desk tops for writing in my office but when times are tight, I will make this work and be happy about it. I hope you have a wonderful Monday and I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow! Don’t hesitate to say hello!

Live With Passion!!

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