Historical Society

I was approached today to speak at the Lawrence County, Illinois Historical Society’s October meeting about ‘Every Road, Every Season’! I am honored to be invited to speak to them and will do my best to put on a great presentation! I will begin gathering poster boards to display many of my photos in their building and thinking of an outline for my speech and discussion. They will be in touch to talk the room layout and such. More will come as the time draws nearer.

Is it just me, or is it hot everywhere? Really, 110 today was rather much.

As for The Boondock Kids, our new laptop does not have Word installed and it will be a bit of time before things are to where it can be purchased and downloaded. There is a program on the laptop but the filter will not allow my to upload Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena to the PC. Not sure what needs to be done tonight. It will all work out though, I know it! 🙂

If you don’t mind me asking, How has your week been going? I often what you all are doing and find myself hoping that every day is filled with hope and passion! Let me know, I would love to read about it.

Before I go, I wanted to ask everyone if they will keep my wife in thought. She has traveled to Chicago to the pain clinic in hopes of being able to return to work. She often feels bad about things that are not in her control and I hope that she can feel good about where things are going for her! She is an amazing person!

Perhaps when she returns she will be able to load The Boondock Kids for me! LOL Until then…

Live With Passion!!

What Family Can Do!

My Great-Grandma, Hattie, turns 90.

My Great-Grandma, Hattie, turns 90.

If I could have imagined that my weekend would have found me so happy, I would not have believed it at first. I began by picking up my sons early and returning home to everybody getting cleaned up for a special evening out. With button ups shirts, khakis and dresses on, our family made its way to the local university for a special celebration.

We were going to the university to help celebrate my Great-Grandmother’s 90th birthday.

I have always admired my Great-Grandma, always a woman of class and modesty, always looks wonderful, and to still be living at home by herself, until now, is a tribute to a wonderful quality of life. To see her reach this milestone is one that I am grateful to be at and have my family there to be a part of it as well.

Upon arriving at the university, we saw family that had come from all over, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota and Vermont to celebrate. A diverse mixture for sure, see my family covers many areas of skills, many from the fields of engineering, auto manufacturing, design, literature, oil manufacturing, music and education were represented.

It was wonderful to see family that I have not seen in several years and be taken back to a time that we would get together at least once a year. I also saw those who were very much children when I last saw them and now realize that they are now adults, on their way to chasing their own dreams.

Marcey and I watched as our children ran around the open end of the banquet hall and used their imaginations to have fun. The kids were so excited to see their Great-Great-Grandma. Not many have that and for out children to be 6,7,7 & 11 for them to remember this evening is more than special.

To see my Great-Grandma look so wonderful at 90 is beyond words, with her rings, necklaces, jacket and hat, she continues to have that style about herself that even father time can not take away. In a wheel chair only to be more comfortable than sitting in a stiff chair, she visited with everyone and seemed to shed some years as old memories came back and time stood still.

It was a catered meal, very fancy. Our dinner was served in silver pans and platters. Ham, Chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, salads and rolls were served and I would be lying if I said our kids didn’t eat well. We drank out of fine glasses and had cake as stories ran rapid and a good time was had.

We sang Happy Birthday and then listened as my Great-Grandma gave a great talk about family and how she was touched that the very best of the family were there and how happy she was to see them. I also connected with new Facebook friends in the form of cousins that are also writers and musicians.

After three hours we all left the university, happy, full and fulfilled.

Then today, my aunt from Vermont, cousin from Minnesota and grandma came over for a visit and brought pizza. It was nothing more than a continuation of the previous night as the kids got to spend time with their family and enjoy all the pizza they could eat. It was great to have family over and share in the stories and catch up on old times.

My wife also got to show off some of her designs from Fox Notions (https://www.facebook.com/foxnotions) to great response and my first picture book was passed around, also to a great response! It has left us discussing Ideas and laying out plans to expand my wife’s operation with her ideas! I am so very proud of her!

This weekend has also brought me back to The Boondock Kids and the difficulty I have had in developing the next scene after leaving Mrs. Nellinfelter’s. It will take place back at school but lead elsewhere. Tomorrow night will be interesting as I will sit down and work through it! I will let you know what happens!

Until then, I wish you a very good week ahead and a wonderful Monday, filled with joy, happiness and success!

Live With Passion!

In Hand


Today, my wife delivered some great news!


My first copy of the first volume of the Spring Edition had arrived and I could not wait to look at it! Having it in my hands fell as though my trek that began three years ago had come full circle. Being my very first picture book, I could not be more excited to see a finished volume in front of me.


One thing that I have been thinking of since then is that instead of three volumes of each season, I may layout a combined edition and publish one edition of Spring as an individual hardback book. I will put more thought into that before deciding but can not hide my happiness over this accomplishment.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday and Live With Passion!

I’m Trying To Turn It All Around

I didn’t wake up early this morning, I did not go for a jog or sit down at the dining room table for breakfast, yet today was a turning point. After working on our family’s bicycles, I decided that this morning was to mark a turn around as I rode my bike to my paycheck job for the first time in over two years. It felt wonderful to be back on it and feel one step closer to getting back to where I once was.

My next goal is to get some clutter cleared from my noggin so that I can get back to The Boondock Kids on a nightly basis. It is hard for me to write when worries enter my head. I don’t mean everyday worries, worries that impact you, your family and your quality of life. For me writing is about the creative flow of imagination and the constructive transfer of the energy onto the paper in the form of the written word.

This year, there have been a handful of moments when it felt amazing to sit back down and write, to feel in control of life and be the driving force behind mine. Although my desktop is down, I look forward to a new one that will last me for many more years to come.

Through everything that this year has built to stand in my way, I am here to inform it that a road block may slow me down, but it will not keep me from becoming a published author! I hope you smile, the week is half over and closer to the weekend! I hope you have a wonderful Thursday! Trust that I will bike myself in again tomorrow with a sense of determination!

Live With Passion!!

Volume #3 Is Now Out

I am very excited to have all three of my Spring Volumes now out and available. It has been a long road from the very beginning to now but they look wonderful and well worth all of the effort, gas and time.

Before my eyes shut for the night, I want to invite you to check them out! I appreciate the wonderful response and want to thank you for your kind words of support!!

Click below to see Volume #3! And, as always, Live With Passion!!


spring volume 3 cover

A Hot Day

With a heat index of close to 105, I found myself coming home to a cleaner dwelling and an evening of story boarding for the third and final volume of my Spring picture book set. Now as midnight draws near, I wanted to wish you a great Tuesday!

Live With Passion!!

Spring Volume #2

grayAfter a great night with family, I woke to the sound of children’s feet and little knocks on the door, announcing that hungry bellies were ready for breakfast. We made a family affair out of toasting waffles in the toaster. As funny as it may sound, I enjoyed watching them wolf down the syrup laden meal. Then it was time to change into their swim wear and hit the pool while I mowed our lawn. Hot, to say the least, I admit to break taking but at times, envied the kids in the cool, clear water of the swimming pool.

By sunset, I began to finish the final layout and story board set for the second volume of my Spring picture book. With the amount of favorite photos I had to choose from, the Spring set will be made of three volumes. I look forward to the feed back on this series. I want to invite you to click below and take a peek.

Now, as my daughter, stops around our home, begging for a snack before bed, I wish you a wonderful beginning to your week and hope everything positive comes your way!

Live With Passion!!

spring volume 2 cover