The Trabantian

Trabatian 2

I made the drive to the home of my designer, Danny Kluis, today at his request. When I arrived, Danny hand me a rendering of The Trabantians and once again, I was blown away. I can never say it enough but I am going to say it again, I WISH I COULD DRAW!

There is something I find so magical about illustrators and how they bring a vision to visualization. Danny took my most basic and, if I may, poor drawing I could do and with a few specifics, turns my creation to visual life!

I become more excited every time a new character comes to light. To see them as I am writing helps me see it is motion inside my head and gives me more ides about the characters. With many characters left to bring forth, I look forward to sharing them with you!

Well, it is now dinner time so I will wish you a good evening and thank you for your time, it means so very much!

Live With Passion!!!

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