End Of An Era

Today, my computer crashed. Sad because I finished Barney & Lexi, Marky, Slash & Levy 3 & 4 and began both The Evermore Collection and The Boondock Kids on. Lots of memories but it is time to say goodbye. It will be a while before I am able to buy a new one. Until then please read other post over the years and see what all I had done on the computer.

Live With Passion!!

The Trabantian

Trabatian 2

I made the drive to the home of my designer, Danny Kluis, today at his request. When I arrived, Danny hand me a rendering of The Trabantians and once again, I was blown away. I can never say it enough but I am going to say it again, I WISH I COULD DRAW!

There is something I find so magical about illustrators and how they bring a vision to visualization. Danny took my most basic and, if I may, poor drawing I could do and with a few specifics, turns my creation to visual life!

I become more excited every time a new character comes to light. To see them as I am writing helps me see it is motion inside my head and gives me more ides about the characters. With many characters left to bring forth, I look forward to sharing them with you!

Well, it is now dinner time so I will wish you a good evening and thank you for your time, it means so very much!

Live With Passion!!!

It Happens

Some events have come up and, unfortunately, I will not be able to be the guest speaker at a local Rotary luncheon. Still, I am very thankful for be invited as their guest and perhaps in the future, will be able to attend.

As for now its time to continue chugging down the tracks! I wish you a very wonderful Saturday!

Live With Passion!!


Today I was contacted by a member of the local Rotary organization and was invited to a luncheon of theirs in a couple of weeks to speak about my writing and picture-taking. I feel honored to get such an invitation and look forward to speaking to the organization!

After not feeling well myself yesterday, my wife has not felt well today. Coughing and a pain that just will not go away has left her ready for bed and what I hope will be a full nights rest.

I am now thinking of just how Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena will interact on their way home from Mrs. Nellenfelter’s attic. It is a tough scene for me to put together but I am confident that by weeks end, I will have it written.

I hope you have a very good Friday and may positive things find you!

Live With Passion!!

Self Aware

Upon talk with WordPress and a realization of just how unreal the internet can really be out there. I have deleted all photographs and logos that were not taken by myself or drawn by those who work for me. All images have been removed from 1 Imaginary Fox as well have been removed from my hard drive to never be used again. Never in the years that I have been writing has any image to profit from or purposely been taken knowing that it has any copyright to it. No picture will ever again be use by 1IF for any reason. All photos and logos from this forth out will be the sole property of 1 Imaginary Fox.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade! Live With Passion!

Thank You, Amy Large!

I stopped by the local station today and found my daughter, Ruby, and I had made the local paper tonight! Ms. Amy Large took time out of her hectic schedule to spend some of her time with us as we went on an adventure of the imagination last week. She is both a photographer and columnist, adding to the work load for The Daily Record. I just showed Ruby her picture and the biggest smile in the world appeared on her face!

I am so very thankful for Amy’s time in joining us and hope that she had as much fun as the students and I did!!

My daughter, Ruby & I.

My daughter, Ruby & I.