It’s Our Secret!

As Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena burst through the doorway and back onto the floor of Mrs. Nellenfelter’s attic, they each sat on the floor in silence for the longest time, all trying to realize what they had just witnessed. Mario pulled his knees to his chest and wrapped his arms around them. Louis remained on his belly, Sindy sat cross legged and Cristena leaned back on the palms of her hands.

They often looked at one another in silence as much as they simply stared off into space. Silence was completely broken when Louis reached towards the old knob in curiosity, provoking a united “Stop” from his friends. As the sun set, Mrs. Nellenfelter would return home with groceries and as she placed the paper sacks on the countered, assumed the children where there and called for them.

Wanting to keep their discovery a secret, the four friends dusted them selves off and raced down the stairwell and through the kitchen. Grabbing a single cookie on the way out the door, each flashed their own unique smile as they thanked Mrs. Nellenfelter for the cookies. Once gone, Mrs. Nellenfelter was left talking to herself as if she had just survived a hurricane.

As for me, tomorrow I will surprise my daughters class with the gift of literature. I hope that two of my sons, who are just across the hall, will be able to stop on also. It is a moment that is special because it not only means a great deal to share with young readers but also that it means the world to my daughter. I am told that some newspapers may also be there so it will make for a lasting memory for not only me and some wonderful students but also for a great teacher that has taught so many students, including two of mine, and will bid farewell after Friday.

To be her last guest in her classroom will be an honor that I will always humbly hold close!

Live WIth Passion!

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