A Steady Pace Will Win The Race

Tonight, I’m sitting at my desk and in front of me are 26 copies of Barney & Lexi, Copies that I am surprise my daughters first grade class with on Wednesday. It reminds me of a time that my oldest son, Lynden, was in kindergarten and I spoke to his class. Boy, back then the butterflies were heavy in my stomach. LOL, I would be telling a fib right now if I said that I was not a tiny bit nervous, because I am.

One thing that is wonderful about young readers is that they are honest and upfront. As a writer, to place a work out their in front of your audience for feedback and questions is both exciting and unsettling. If you have a hit, you’ll know it by your ability to engage readers with your story and if not, that too will be clear almost as quickly. But the thing for me as I write is that I have had wonderful reviews that have humbled me and reviews that have put my stories through the shredder and yet the writer writes on!

In the time that I had not been writing to you, my world had been turned upside down in more directions then one. However, during that time, not a single day passed that I did not think about my work and how I wished I could cut through the bad and focus on my characters. For such a long time, I could hear Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena from The Boondock Kids asking me to come back to my desk and continue with their lives and adventures.

Since doing just that, an enormous weight has come off of me. I know that they are not the only ones who are happy to continue the story! It’s like being a artist and not picking up a brush for months because life gets in the way. Then, that moment to tell yourself your going to do it, you dip your brush into the paint and touch the canvas, releasing an emotional spark that not only saves your soul but releases your inner self! For me, it was pulling The Boondock Kids up on my computer for the first time in almost a year, knowing that I have never loading a story and not worked some on it. I knew that I was committed which felt good but it was not great yet.

Then came the moment that the screen popped up and I back read the last few pages so that I could reset my thinking cap as to the direction I was heading. Once I knew, I pressed that first button and just like the paint-filled brush touching canvas for the first time in so long, the clicking sound of that first button made it great, great because I remained true to myself and to The Boondock Kids.

Now I’m ready to face the reviews, good or bad, with accomplishment. As I sign copies and place a bookmark inside each book I can feel a drive that is bigger that my day to day life. I may have to work job to pay my bills for now, but if I hold to my promise to myself, one day will be the first day of a new and exciting chapter, during my dreams into reality. Until then, the steady pace is what will win the race!! I wish you a wonderful Tuesday!!

Live With Passion!

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