A Race Back

pencil and page

With no children this evening, my wife and I took the time to finish laying gravel to a small drive that leads to a small house that we own before enjoying the evening with a nice fire and food that was either grilled out or cooked by fire. As the sunset, we finished our meal and I made my way to me desk.

First though, do you ever look at a small fire as it burns? I love to watch as the embers seem to dance with one another and snap and crackle to form almost a soft medley My wife is the fire-starter which leaves me to simply sit back and enjoy the splendor, LOL!

Any who, as Kelmare realizes that .a Whimsic could very well be outside his home and that his new found friends could be in danger, he quickly grabs a glass jar full of blue Philisian Dust and begins to sprinkle it over Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena, explaining that Whimsics hate the smell it gives out and confuses them as to what species the children are.

Louis notes that he can not smell anything, but is reassured by Kelmare that it very much does and will help keep them safe. He then asks the four friends to remain close as he hurries them back towards their entrance. As they race through the forest, Sindy trips on a branch and stumbles, before being helped up by Cristena. The two girls run extremely hard so not to fall behind the others and become lost.

Once at the thicket they had first emerged from, Kelmare instructs them to close the gate behind them in their world so that it will remained sealed. Cristena then questions if they will ever be able to return to Spyderia and Kelmare assured them that they were welcome to return anytime through the same gate but for must return through the thicket.

One by one the children enter and suddenly fall to the floor of Mrs. Nellingfelter’s attic.Louis, who is the last to fall through, very quickly shuts the door behind him and locks it as instructed!

Well, that completes another page for this evening and I have only but a couple of hours at my paycheck job tomorrow before having a Memorial Day weekend at home. As midnight says hello, I will say goodnight and have a wonderful Saturday!!

Live With Passion!!

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