A Spyderia Visit Cut Short (Back To The Boondocks!)

Back to work on The Boondock Kids!!

Back to work on The Boondock Kids!!

After a long break, I am excited to be sitting in my very own writing room, surrounded by things that inspire me, (although I am not quite finished with putting it together) and have already felt compelled to sit down at my desk, invite Mario Gunzel, Louis Honeydew, Sindy Seal and Cristena Johnson into my world and get back to work on The Boondock Kids!

My last post on TBK found the four friends inside the home of Kelmare inside the magical world of Spyderia, sitting down to a warm mug of deliciously sweet, hot tea.

Well, Kelmare explained that Spyderia could be walked across in a matter of months and was completely surrounded by four major bodies of water, The Cracknar Abyss, The Xenara Ocean, The Bagara Sea and The Ratalion Billows. This drew the attention of the four friends as he began to mention The Grindlebacks, The Trabantians, The Inigmites, The Tussels and The Zepherwhiscs,

All the while Cristena’s attention was outside a nearby window. As Kelmare stopped explaining to the others about Spyderia, he made his way to the window and asked what it was that had caught Cristena’s glare. She then began to explain that she had seen a figure the appeared to be taller than Kelmare and wore a long black coat and had pointed ears.

Kelmare became very cautious as he asked if what she saw had crazy, spiked, white hair. The little room fell silent as Cristena replied “Yes”. Kelmare then whispered one word…”Whimsics” It was then that he informed his new friends that their first visit was to be cut short and that he would have to hurry and help them return home.

Wow! It feels good to be back to work on The Boondock Kids at last! I feel like I have a world of inspiration around me and while outside this new nook of inspiration may hold one trial after another, tonight I find solace in knowing that from where I am right now, there is the desire to write, the desire to create and the will to carry on! I wish you a good night and a wonderful Friday!!

Live With Passion!!

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