Fighting Life

In between my previous article and current one, life in the Fox house has been anything but normal, ok, we are not a normal family, lol!

Truthfully, however, as I write this article, it may or may not make the deadline to enter this publication before going to press. That’s what happens, when life gets in the way, a writer does not sit down at his desk for weeks at a time and I will let you in on a secret, my emails pile up. I had received four hundred emails in two weeks that should have had my attention, but clearly did not.

Life throws things at us, and sometimes it can pile up, just like my email!

Right after my last article was released, my wife, Marcey, began to have headaches so strongly that, one day, she could not bare to go into work that night. It would be the next morning that I to did not report to work, but instead, reported to our local emergency room with Marcey in a great deal of pain.

We would be in the ER for two hours before my wife was given a shot and sent home to rest. I then returned to work. It was upon arriving at home, later that evening, I found Marcey in pain, yet again and in some cases, worse than before. Back to the emergency room we went that evening and was greeted by the same staff who was surprised to see us there.

This visit my wife would have a CT scan done. We both waited in the dim lit room for a while before the doctor returned and said that something was found but could not say what, exactly, it was. We both were more confused than shocked. When your in your 30’s you rarely enter a hospital, let alone be told something showed up on a scan. Never the less, a shot was given and we returned home.

Marcey would contact her doctor and ‘Bone Scan’ was performed on her. As results are not immediate, we would wait a couple of days. Then came the day that would change our path in life….

A letter came in the mail and stated that a abnormality was found and by the time I had come home for my lunch break, Marcey had searched out everything it could possibly be. Then came the word that each was connected too….CANCER.

A neurosurgeon in northern Indiana was booked but would be two weeks before we would be seen. I think it is safe to state that, in those two weeks, the most challenging and confusing weeks of both our lives would take place, (and I do hope will never return). Everything seemed to stop in those fourteen days, you begin to wonder just what you have now and how long you will have it. We were in shock, both in our 30’s and only married nine months, we began to talk about the ‘If This Happens’ subjects that no couple wants to think about. I spent many moments by myself asking myself what I would do without my amazing wife!?

The most difficult thing I have ever had to do in my life is listen to Marcey talk about, enjoying her time and making memories. I would have taken one to the gut every time instead of us talking about, ‘IT’.

The time had come to make the trip Terre Haute and see the neurosurgeon. I tried to be the strongest husband I could possibly be in front of my wife. Telling her that things would be alright, however, I was as nervous as she was and we were not there for me. The doctor came in and after a few minutes of looking at scans and said that the abnormality was not a tumor nor was it cancer and he found no reason to operate. Relieved to hear the news was one thing, realizing that we still had know idea as to the cause not the cure for Marcey’s head pains. To say the least, we felt defeated as we returned home.

Through this, Marcey has not worked and I made the decision to cash in my life insurance policy to pay our bills.

The pain was becoming stronger, therefore the doctor increased Marcey’s medicine and looked to schedule a neurologist to target the source of the pain. It was at this point in our lives that a balance had begun to shift. Knowing that ’The End’ was not racing towards our lives, Marcey and I began to shift our feelings towards positive and wonderful emotions that would help us smile as we looked for a reason to the madness.

Lol, it all began as I had a vacation from work and being that my wife was unable to work, we had an entire week to spend together. In the week I would find out just how creative the woman I had married was. The truth is, we have an enclosed front porch on our home that we had discussed turning into a half office for me to write my books and half a craft area for her to create things from her ides.

It was then that a project began. Marcey and I closed up some of the windows and began to paint, paint, paint! As we painted, my wonderful wife exploded with happiness as the ideas flowed from her aching mind like water from a river. Not only was my wife crafty, she was a designer, craftsman, seamstress and could make anything out of nothing. She began to draw ideas for dresses and costumes and now has plans to create them!

Soon it would be my birthday and I found myself happily painting until 1a.m., riding high on a new sense of happiness and the joy it was bringing to Marcey’s life was immeasurable! When finished, Marcey began moving in her desks, computer and other chests and shelving into her new space and I watched as dreams began to come true before my eyes!

It was then that Fox Notions was officially born! My wife brand of designer goods that she has the ability to create. In this short time, she has a logo, name and ideas that parallel my own and I could be none the happier for her! With her sewing machine, computer, printers, paints and awesome array of potential, I look forward to Fox Notions climbing that ladder of success hand and hand with Imaginary Fox!

It is now time that we turn my side into a dream come true and release my work and ideas to explode and help fill our home with dreams and magic! However, before that begins, I look back and am taken back by just what ‘Really’ has been happening. You see, what began as a grim situation has sprung into a vision of hope and happiness. I believe we will conquer this pain, and when we do, we will look back on this time as not a moment of despair but rather a point in life where a husband and wife discovered one another and pledged to help the other succeed and that is something that makes it magical!!