A Bright Spotted, Long Week

A Very Happy Moment For Me!

A Very Happy Moment For Me!

This has been a very, very long weekend. It has been a week of five, non-stop days at my ‘paycheck’ job and half a day tomorrow awaits yet. When you work and are often short handed, I often feel as though a large weight is hanging over me and that weight is often, more than not, released about ten o’clock at night, when my day is through.

It is difficult, being the man of the house, to become exhausted at the end of the work day, emotionally, and come home as if it had been the best day ever. Still, I do my very best and am very grateful for each and every day!

To add to the work week, my wife became overcome with severe head pains that refused to end, to the point that she was unable to work one evening and found us in the ER, not once, but twice, trying to relieve her pain and allow her to get some much needed good rest. Thankfully, the pain was controlled and my Marcey was able to sleep!

Through the rough, came the positive this week, as I was photographed in the Daily Record Newspaper upon donating Barney & Lexi to my local library! I enjoy donating my work. If it inspires as much at one reader to pick up a book and explore, then it is worth all of the gold in the world to me!

I am humbled to make the publication and grateful for such kindness!!

Well, long weekend ahead with some skiing involved before winter ends. I wish you a safe and happy weekend!! Remember to Live With Passion!!

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