March / April Issue

What an emotional week! One that I, to be honest, never thought I would be experiencing at my age, yet a situation has come into my family and it is my hope, that after next week, I am able to figure out and share. However, things remain positive, but as a writer, I find that I can hardly write a single word when my noggin is filled with too many thoughts. I enjoy the most, when my writing flows out of me like a river through a canyon.


Today, I am excited to report that the March / April issue of the S.E. Illinois Family Living Magazine is now out and my first article for the magazine is in print!


The layout was wonderful and I want to thank Laneal Evans for allowing me to right for the publication and being so generous with the opportunity. To see your work in publication is always fascinating, when someone approaches me on the street and said that they loved my story or enjoyed my article, I often beam with happiness because another person, who doesn’t have to read any article, took the time to read mine and show such support.


My daughter, Ruby, is absolutely ecstatic about being in the magazine as part of the article itself. She has informed me that she will be going to school in the morning with a handful of issues for the teachers and will be a celebrity for a day. I enjoy making children excited about reading and giving them an opportunity to shine in their own light. All too often a child who could take on the world, simply needs that one moment, one single solitary second to shine and gain the confidence to set forth, onto their own course to victory!


Every newspaper and every magazine article is like a constant breath of fresh air and instance that I become excited all over again for this path I have chosen!

As for Marky, Slash & Levy, Bk1 remains at Witte Books where it is being edited by owner Michelle Witte. I look for her to contact me in April with the edit. I can only imagine what ‘red’ marks will be posted in between the double spacing. It will be a time consuming venture but the rewrite will make the story of M,S&L even better!

Well, it is time for my daughter to sleep and it can be a process when her dad is right next door with the light on. I wish you a a good night and a wonderful day tomorrow and hope that you Live With Passion!

A Bright Spotted, Long Week

A Very Happy Moment For Me!

A Very Happy Moment For Me!

This has been a very, very long weekend. It has been a week of five, non-stop days at my ‘paycheck’ job and half a day tomorrow awaits yet. When you work and are often short handed, I often feel as though a large weight is hanging over me and that weight is often, more than not, released about ten o’clock at night, when my day is through.

It is difficult, being the man of the house, to become exhausted at the end of the work day, emotionally, and come home as if it had been the best day ever. Still, I do my very best and am very grateful for each and every day!

To add to the work week, my wife became overcome with severe head pains that refused to end, to the point that she was unable to work one evening and found us in the ER, not once, but twice, trying to relieve her pain and allow her to get some much needed good rest. Thankfully, the pain was controlled and my Marcey was able to sleep!

Through the rough, came the positive this week, as I was photographed in the Daily Record Newspaper upon donating Barney & Lexi to my local library! I enjoy donating my work. If it inspires as much at one reader to pick up a book and explore, then it is worth all of the gold in the world to me!

I am humbled to make the publication and grateful for such kindness!!

Well, long weekend ahead with some skiing involved before winter ends. I wish you a safe and happy weekend!! Remember to Live With Passion!!