I’m The Thankful One

After such a wonderful Saturday with my daughter a few weeks ago, Ruby and I decided to make a night visit to our local library. A night visit had my little girl feeling like she was in another world. She says the library at night is like a brand new library. I love seeing my children excited and to a love for the library is truly worth getting excited about!!

Our visit also gave me the opportunity to donate Barney & Lexi to the library. Head librarian, Teresa Tucker, has welcomed me into the library on every visit since I began writing. A warm, kind face, whose love of books helps give children the keys to imagination! I feel very thankful that my local library is able to have her at the helm!

I was thanked very much for my donation. The truth is, honestly, after ten years of writing, I always feel that the thanks is completely on my side of the table. I will always be humbled with every ‘Thank You’ for the simple truth that no one of those ‘Thank You’ s has to be thankful, they choose to be and that means the very world to me as a children’s writer!

As the 7 o’clock hour approached and the library began to close for the evening, Ruby checked out four books this time, saying “I want to learn about these” referring a book about puppies, one about bats, one about mice and a book about past presidents. Lol, some heavy learning for a First Grader, I reckon.

Anywho, I will now go into our dinning room, that has a table in the center of the room and is piled high with Girl Scout cookies that Ruby and I will begin sorting for delivery tomorrow. I hope you have a good night and wonderful Wednesday!

Live With Passion!!

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