Off To The Editor!


Late last night, as the snow and ice fell in my small little hometown, I sat at my desk and loaded Marky, Slash & Levy up as they begin to make their trip to the editor. It’s a scary thing for me to send my first book off as it was written ten years and has several grammatical errors in it. I’m sure that most authors worry about how a critique or edit turns out if the books is generally complimented or cut to pieces. My editor, Michelle Witte of Mansion Street Literary & Witte Books.

As the cold wind blew outside, making my office, (the only room in our house that is not heated by the house) somewhat cool, but work had to be done. I responded to Michelle and got my formatted edition of “Adventures” uploaded and sent off to her so she could begin, I assume, this coming week on the project.

I hope that Michelle and I will be able to work on a query letter that will help highlight the series!

I will be closer to April before I see what the final result is but am so excited to be giving Marky, Slash & Levy some needed attention! Here’s to hoping for the best everyday!!

Live With Passion!

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