Snow Days & A Sick Girl


With as much as I look forward to the arrival of Spring, my hometown has been reminded that Winter is still very much here and in full force. With the temperature nearing 0* and seven inches of snow on the ground, the allure of a warm fire and a cozy chair to lay in call. After a long evening of shoveling out our driveway and sidewalks, I came inside to a coughing little girl.

Up most of the night with shivers myself, my daughter began to cough and could not sleep. As we sat up through the night, I awoke from my short sleep to the words, “Daddy, I threw up on my bed.” My children always worry over this when it happens to them. I remind them all that it happens and that everything will be alright. With a change of blankets and sheets, her bed was clean, dry and at 4 a.m. she was out. It was time for me to get two hours of sleep before starting my day.

With nothing tasting good tonight to her, my daughter sits almost asleep in my recliner, as she tries to recover. As for me, a warm bed is calling as soon as she is safely sleeping. As for now, I am looking forward to the end of the week and sending Marky, Slash and Levy Bk1 off to the editor!

Until then, Live With Passion!

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