My First Freelance Article

old mag cover

Now, most Sundays around the Fox household is often anything but quiet. Usually there is the sounds of four children running around with laughter and play. I often awake to, at the very least, one child stumbling into our kitchen for a drink of milk and then to scurry back to their bedrooms.

This particular Sunday morning, there was no sound outside the bedroom door. No sound other than that of the dog walking to fetch herself a drink of water, or of the cat, stretching on the bed for a better position to sleep in. For the four children who fill the house with laughter and play, had other plans and were spending the day with wonderful trips and sights to be seen. This made for a rare moment to sleep in (yes that thing adults rarely do, lol) and finding myself rising out of bed at noon. Talk about needing some sleep.

It would not be long before my wife would also leave for the afternoon, leaving me, the dog, cats and fish at home to relax some. What did I do with my time? Some house work to pull my weight around here and then it was off to my office to work on my first article to S.E. Illinois Family Living Magazine.

It took a couple of hours after a revision (or two) to nail down a layout and flow that met my approval. I then uploaded some wonderful photos to highlight the article. Then, with one click of the button on my mouse, my first article was on its way to the publishers. To say the least, I am very pleased and excited to be on my way as a freelance contributor for the magazine!

I am also pleased to have a generous donation made to my editor fund. The amount given to me leaves me humbled but very grateful and I think my God for that. I have been asked about helping from a couple of readers so here is the address to help if you can!

Now before the large snow storm arrives tonight, I am going to make the drive into town and purchase groceries for the week. I wish you a wonderful week and hope your weekend has been magical!

Live With Passion!!

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