Fun In The Magical World Of LIBRAYIA!

Today was a day that I will remember for a very, very long time. The month of February has given me a warm and sunny day, the type of day that would have you believe that it was the beginning of Spring. None the less, it is February and the rare break in bone-chilling cold weather has allowed for some warm memories to be gathered.

This particular Saturday night, my wife had to work what employees of Toyota call “Production Saturdays” which means that after five nights in a row of working, employees have to work a sixth night to make up lost output. It also means that my wife only has one day off this week. Because of this and her need for rest today, I left my ‘paycheck’ job two hours early and made my way home to spend the time with my daughter. It’s often difficult for my wife to remain awake until I arrive home at noon, therefore, I wanted to take my little girl out and have a nice afternoon and that we did!

It began with a breakfast stop at the local McDonald’s because we seldom have an opportunity to eat breakfast there. In a little corner booth, sat a father and daughter with two big breakfasts with hot cakes and two cokes. Just like her mother, I am immediately told to take the eggs because she will not eat them, which is fine because I love eggs! We sat in that corner for almost an hour and play games on the television screen that was placed besides the table.

The Enchanting Car Wash!

The Enchanting Car Wash!

With breakfast officially conquered, we made our way across town to a corner filling station that has an automatic car wash. All four of my children love the car wash and since it is rare for her and I to be alone, I decided that we would take the journey together. Seven dollars is all that it cost to enter a magical realm of complete fog and excitement as the rotating bristles brushed our vehicle clean. We both talked about how creative the sparkle foam looked as it ran down our windshield with blues and greens and purples as if they were dancing for fun. Then came the triumphant climax as we entered the wind tunnel that would dry our car, whipping it around as if it were a ship at sea.

We drove through town, enjoying the wonderful afternoon, for only a short time before deciding that it was a perfect day for a visit to the library!

For me, there is something enchanting about the moment I walk through the doors at the library. It always feels to me, as a writer, that I am leaving all the elements of reality behind and entering the unknown, where anything is possible and excitement and adventure lurks around every corner. My daughter too, feels that. She has to go up and down each aisle at least once before looking for books (a task that will take her our entire time their). Then she has to point out where Marky, Slash & Levy are located, she is so proud of doing that!

She loves finding her Dad's books!

She loves finding her Dad’s books!

Next come create time at the table where she dresses characters up in different wooden clothes and pretends she is the designer. I watched with a smile as she forgot about the outside world and allowed her creativity to come out. She is very trendy and has a knack for creation. Then it is back to searching for more books. By now she had book on polar bears and was in search of another.

My daughter, the creator!

My daughter, the creator!

Suddenly, one of our favorites popped into her head. One of my favorite authors, the late Norman Bridwell’s Clifford The Big Red Dog was coming home. Now Clifford is a series and it took some time to select one that she has not already read.

As she looked, I made my way to a comfortable rocking chair in the corner of a small nook, where I could still see her, to read a couple of the local newspapers. I love watching children search for books! It is such a simple, yet rewarding experience that no electronic gadget can capture.

She would choose one and then return to another create time-table and begin coloring a picture. I finished reading my newspapers and joined her at the table and watched as she colored. She is very good at coloring and does it all the time at home. She is very artistic as is one of her brothers. Staying inside the lines, she finished up part of the picture when we realized that three hours had flown by and we would need to be heading home.

It was time to look for just one more book and she found it in a family favorite of Curious George. With her three books in hand, she approached the librarian who loved her picture so much that she placed it on the art wall for others to see it! Excited to say the least, she handed over her library card and we said thank you to the librarian.

She made the art wall!

She made the art wall!

As we left, we had to make a stop in the foyer because the water from that one water fountain is “so good”!

We would return home for an evening in the sun and outdoors. No other day could have been better for a visit to the library and explore the magical world of Libraryia!

Live With Passion and have a wonderful weekend!

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