Is It Ok To Ask For Help?

Click the picture to help if you can. :)

Click the picture to help if you can. 🙂

For the longest time I have tried to do everything on my own. To never ask for help and never expect others to help. The one thing I have always prided myself in is the fact that I respect myself for not leaning on others to do what I can do. In the writing world, it has been an asset for the most part.

For some time now I have been asked by others (readers, family and friends alike) about how they can help. Lol, in typical, “Starving Author” fashion, I politely appreciated the offers put respectfully declined. Recently I was reminded that there are many great people out in this world. Good people who would help, if only they were allowed to.

As I look to find a literary editor for Marky, Slash & Levy, I remember that truth and want to ask for your help! There is no way that I can afford an editor in my present financial situation and ask for your help to give the three friends a fighting chance in the crazy and (all too often, cut throat) world of literature.

You can click the picture above or you are welcome to go to my site below to help, again, Thank You!

Please know that no matter what it is, I thank you so very much and pray that you are blessed with passion everyday of your life!

Live With Passion!!!

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