Editing Services Bound

I sat down tonight and began a search. This search is one that I have never been on before in my life and while it is daunting, I will proceed none the less.

What is this search?

It is the search for a literary editor.

You see, it has been 11 years now since Marky, Slash & Levy began and after dozens and dozens of “We like it but aren’t taking it on”, I am going to swing for the fences and strain my pocketbook like never before. A line by line editor is the only literary stone that remains upturned, one that I know can help in ways that I, the writer, cannot see from my desk chair.

In addition to M,S&L I am searching editors to perform a query review over Barney & Lexi. Being that the two friends are edited, I know that all they need is a real query to land them on book shelves!

I have found that most edits begin at $1,200 dollars and most query reviews begin at $55 dollars. A good deal of money to a surviving children book author but one that must be done. Now it is time to sit down with Mrs. L.B. Fox and have a talk about the best way of earning this funding.

I wish you a wonderful Friday and hope you Live With Passion!

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