I’m The Thankful One

After such a wonderful Saturday with my daughter a few weeks ago, Ruby and I decided to make a night visit to our local library. A night visit had my little girl feeling like she was in another world. She says the library at night is like a brand new library. I love seeing my children excited and to a love for the library is truly worth getting excited about!!

Our visit also gave me the opportunity to donate Barney & Lexi to the library. Head librarian, Teresa Tucker, has welcomed me into the library on every visit since I began writing. A warm, kind face, whose love of books helps give children the keys to imagination! I feel very thankful that my local library is able to have her at the helm!

I was thanked very much for my donation. The truth is, honestly, after ten years of writing, I always feel that the thanks is completely on my side of the table. I will always be humbled with every ‘Thank You’ for the simple truth that no one of those ‘Thank You’ s has to be thankful, they choose to be and that means the very world to me as a children’s writer!

As the 7 o’clock hour approached and the library began to close for the evening, Ruby checked out four books this time, saying “I want to learn about these” referring a book about puppies, one about bats, one about mice and a book about past presidents. Lol, some heavy learning for a First Grader, I reckon.

Anywho, I will now go into our dinning room, that has a table in the center of the room and is piled high with Girl Scout cookies that Ruby and I will begin sorting for delivery tomorrow. I hope you have a good night and wonderful Wednesday!

Live With Passion!!

Barney & Lexi Drop By 1 Imaginary Fox

Great visit with good friends!

Good visit with great friends!

It would be hard to deny that I do not love Barney & Lexi! When they were the clumsy dog and intelligent cat of my grandparents, I knew they were, both, very unique and fun to have around and be around! Now they have moved onto the pages of Barney & Lexi: Lost In Lawrenceville and found themselves in a heap of trouble as they try to return home.

The two pals showed up on my desk today and I was reminded just how much fun it was to write them in the middle of Marky, Slash & Levy. I look forward to seeing just how far these two can go!!

Live With Passion!!

Off To The Editor!


Late last night, as the snow and ice fell in my small little hometown, I sat at my desk and loaded Marky, Slash & Levy up as they begin to make their trip to the editor. It’s a scary thing for me to send my first book off as it was written ten years and has several grammatical errors in it. I’m sure that most authors worry about how a critique or edit turns out if the books is generally complimented or cut to pieces. My editor, Michelle Witte of Mansion Street Literary & Witte Books.

As the cold wind blew outside, making my office, (the only room in our house that is not heated by the house) somewhat cool, but work had to be done. I responded to Michelle and got my formatted edition of “Adventures” uploaded and sent off to her so she could begin, I assume, this coming week on the project.

I hope that Michelle and I will be able to work on a query letter that will help highlight the series!

I will be closer to April before I see what the final result is but am so excited to be giving Marky, Slash & Levy some needed attention! Here’s to hoping for the best everyday!!

Live With Passion!

5 Years With WordPress

Five Years On WordPress!Five Years ago, I left Blogger after one year of reaching no wonderful readers and made my way with Marky, Slash & Levy. Within one year, I had a handful of great readers and added Barney & Lexi to my library. If I could have only seen how things would be so different from the early days before settling in at WP.

Here it is, 2015, and I am closing in on 11,000 views and have hundreds of you awesome and gracious readers who take the time out of your busy lives to read and support my writing! Because of you these first five years have been amazing! Because of YOU, I look forward to the next five!!

Cheers and Live With Passion!

Snow Days & A Sick Girl


With as much as I look forward to the arrival of Spring, my hometown has been reminded that Winter is still very much here and in full force. With the temperature nearing 0* and seven inches of snow on the ground, the allure of a warm fire and a cozy chair to lay in call. After a long evening of shoveling out our driveway and sidewalks, I came inside to a coughing little girl.

Up most of the night with shivers myself, my daughter began to cough and could not sleep. As we sat up through the night, I awoke from my short sleep to the words, “Daddy, I threw up on my bed.” My children always worry over this when it happens to them. I remind them all that it happens and that everything will be alright. With a change of blankets and sheets, her bed was clean, dry and at 4 a.m. she was out. It was time for me to get two hours of sleep before starting my day.

With nothing tasting good tonight to her, my daughter sits almost asleep in my recliner, as she tries to recover. As for me, a warm bed is calling as soon as she is safely sleeping. As for now, I am looking forward to the end of the week and sending Marky, Slash and Levy Bk1 off to the editor!

Until then, Live With Passion!

My First Freelance Article

old mag cover

Now, most Sundays around the Fox household is often anything but quiet. Usually there is the sounds of four children running around with laughter and play. I often awake to, at the very least, one child stumbling into our kitchen for a drink of milk and then to scurry back to their bedrooms.

This particular Sunday morning, there was no sound outside the bedroom door. No sound other than that of the dog walking to fetch herself a drink of water, or of the cat, stretching on the bed for a better position to sleep in. For the four children who fill the house with laughter and play, had other plans and were spending the day with wonderful trips and sights to be seen. This made for a rare moment to sleep in (yes that thing adults rarely do, lol) and finding myself rising out of bed at noon. Talk about needing some sleep.

It would not be long before my wife would also leave for the afternoon, leaving me, the dog, cats and fish at home to relax some. What did I do with my time? Some house work to pull my weight around here and then it was off to my office to work on my first article to S.E. Illinois Family Living Magazine.

It took a couple of hours after a revision (or two) to nail down a layout and flow that met my approval. I then uploaded some wonderful photos to highlight the article. Then, with one click of the button on my mouse, my first article was on its way to the publishers. To say the least, I am very pleased and excited to be on my way as a freelance contributor for the magazine!

I am also pleased to have a generous donation made to my editor fund. The amount given to me leaves me humbled but very grateful and I think my God for that. I have been asked about helping from a couple of readers so here is the address to help if you can!


Now before the large snow storm arrives tonight, I am going to make the drive into town and purchase groceries for the week. I wish you a wonderful week and hope your weekend has been magical!

Live With Passion!!

Literary Editor!!!

Literary Editor For Marky, Slash & Levy - Book One

Literary Editor For Marky, Slash & Levy – Book One

Today, I took one large step towards putting a polish on Marky, Slash & Levy! Today I received some of the best news that I have had since I began writing in 2003.


Michelle Witte of Michelle Witte Books and Mansion Street Literary Management has agreed to take Bk1 for six to eight weeks! I am hoping to send M,S&L off within two weeks so that I can hope to have it back by the first of April. There will be some work into cleaning it up and into a polished piece, but that will be worth all of the effort!

If all goes well, it is my hope that Michelle will be able to work through the series and create a working relationship for the future! Until then though, Live With Passion!!

P.S. Don’t forget Barney & Lexi!