Cluttered Thoughts Of A Surviving Author


I would like to say that 2015 began with high expectations, that I laid my best plans out and made the clear decision to stake my claim to my dreams and that what once seemed unclear became more clear than ever.

Regrettably, that didn’t happen. This new year was met with more complications than I have honestly ever found myself against in my life. I have found myself in uncomfortable waters and not feeling proud of how things have turned in the opposite direction.

I am not only and author but an individual who guards my privacy and my private life. I regret not going into detail but instead want to apologize for no postings in the year 2015. At this point, my mind is a shattered mess and the creativity is gone for now. I am not sure how long my lack of posting will last as I handle the beginning of this new year.

It touches me to have you read and share as I have written and hope at some time am able to do just that again. As for now, this dream train has to stop at the station….