Two Parts

Part One

Click the picture to purchase B & L!

Click the picture to purchase B & L!

Tonight I came home from my ‘paycheck’ job, you know, the one we all have that pays the bills while we reach for our dreams in this little thing called life, to find a notice on my cell phone that Barney & Lexi was sales ranked. I anxiously sat down at my desk, tapping my keyboard to awaken my desktop from its day long slumber. Once on I navigated to the link and found them, Barney & Lexi! The polar opposites had manged to debut onto with a sales rank of #434,771!

I know to some that may seem like a number that would hardly award a ‘good job’ or ‘congratulations’ to. But did you know there are over 12 million books ranked in the Amazon world? I began researching the internet and found that any ranking under #500,000 places that title in the top 10% of best sellers! I am very humbled to find the two ranked so wonderfully.

Barney & Lexi were the real life dog and cat that my grandparents had owned in the small quiet town of Lawrenceville, Illinois. Barney was very much a dim-witted beagle hound while Lexi was tried and true as a very intelligent feline. I have many great memories with them both and miss seeing them at my grandparents house. Barney passed away over 13 years ago and Lexi passed away over 6 years ago.

I would like to ask you, my wonderful reader, for your help. Would you click the picture above and see Barney & Lexi’s page on Amazon and even if you don’t buy it for $6.99, would you recommend it to someone and help spread the word and help the two friends reach children across this country? If you do order a copy and would like it signed, I would be honored! Just write me and I will work on receiving it and returning to you asap!

Thank you for all of your help! 🙂


Part Two

deedSo, tonight I was sitting at my desk, excited to see Barney & Lexi’s sales rank when my cell rang. It was coming from a number that I did not know. On most occasions I do not answer them because I’m always flooded with sales calls which go nowhere. Instead, I found that a gentleman that I have known for a couple of years that I have not spoken with for quite some time was on the other end of the call. He began to tell me that he and his son had run out of gas on the edge of town and wondered if I had any gasoline to spare so that they could get to the gas station to put fuel in their pickup. I told him that I had no gas but would make a trip to the station and be there to help.

When my daughter and I climbed into my Jimmy, we attempted to start it but after many failed attempts we were left with a small situation. My daughter then asked what were we going to do. I unlocked my cell and called my Pastor, who lives not to far from our home. I asked if he could possibly help us help them! 🙂 It would only be five minutes and my Pastor was there and we made our way to the filling station, filled the can of gas and made our way towards the edge of town.

Once there I wasted no time by getting the thirsty tank a small drink of gasoline. Once I had my can empty, their pickup started right up. This kind gentleman asked me what he owed me and I simply smiled and said, “Pass It On”. We laughed about the situation for a moment and both appreciated the moment. With their truck running, I wished the gentleman and his son a merry christmas and returned to my Pastors car.

On the trip back home, I want to say that to help out like that was a wonderful feeling that cannot be bought or sold in any store! I am grateful to have been placed by my God to be in the right place at the right time to help a father and his son out! I say it a lot but this is the true meaning to Live With Passion!

P.S. Don’t worry about the Jimmy, I am sure we will get it fixed. 😉

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