Empty Pocket Christmas

Today was payday at my ‘paycheck’ job with a 50 hour work week total of $302.00 for six days of work. Then came my wife’s car payment, my car insurance and the household water bill that all had to be settled for the month. When I was finished I was humbled to a very blunt reality.

$302.00 Paycheck

$183.00 Car Payment

$ 60.00 Car Insurance

$ 53.00 Water Bill


$  6.00 Remainder


I would be lying if I said it is an easy life of an aspiring writer. I’m sad to say that my own daughter eats noodles almost every night because of my lost wages and Chicago attorney fees that I will be paying on until late next year have left me with little for family.

With Christmas approaching this coming week, I find myself reaching into what is left of my children’s Christmas money and using it to buy enough groceries to last until Friday. While I am unsure if it will last, I have faith that it must work.

I know many are in tight boats as well and that this post will not go viral or become anything most will lose sleep over, but it is hard at some points to be a writer and starving some evenings.

I had one wonderful reader yesterday ask me why I don’t have a pay account connected to my blog so others who want to help can. I replied that I wouldn’t feel right about taking from others who struggle. I then read this morning a reply that said ‘It may only be a buck or two but you’d be surprised how many would help.’ Well, on that issue, I simply would not feel right about that but have heard many bloggers do just that.

I believe that a day will come and I will be siting in a Boston hotel room, resting before a great book signing the next afternoon and I will think about these times and be proud of the struggle that made me a tougher writer and a batter person.

Until then, I will continue to try to Live With Passion!

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