Author Reveals A Look, Inside A Life That Few Knew!

SEIFL Mag 2After much speculation, my long-awaited interview with Southern Illinois Family Living Magazine has hit the newsstands! It was quite ironic how I found out it had been released! I was at my ‘paycheck’ job and was working in an isle and had decided that I wanted a soda. I walked to the front counter and there, on the counter, was a large stack of the ‘Fall’ issue for me. Instantly, I got excited and could not wait to open it!

SEIFL Mag 3What I found was a fantastic layout that left me with a sense that I could not believe I was in this magazine! Colorful, bright and at nine pages long, I could not be more thankful to SIFL for such hospitality! Does it seem strange that I still am surprised when others are interested in my work? I mean they don’t have to be but are.

SEIFL Mag 4I enjoyed seeing my photos in a published periodical, to see them in the way I have hope for is a dream come true! I remember exactly where I was when every picture in the interview was taken.

SEIFL Mag 5In my interview, I decided to give readers a glimpse into my life and allow some secrets to be revealed. It is my hope that at the very least, one reader will see that it not always been a fairytale for this author and know in their own heart that they can make any dream they have, a reality! Everyone has potential and I want my readers know that they can make the difference.

SEIFL Mag 6For instance, a close friend had never known about my one-time struggle with alcohol. Some of you had even mention that you did not realize just how cold the ‘Cold House’ was until reading the interview. While it was a difficult road, I have come to believe that most success stories are built on the foundation of failures and life lessons. I mean, hey, it makes you who you are and can help you become the person you want to be!

SEIFL Mag 1This interview unearthed so many memories for me that I teared up on more than one occasion. I recalled so much, losing both of my grandfathers during Marky, Slash & Levy Bk1, losing my brother, Ricky during the beginning of The Boondock Kids, living in the ‘Cold House’ during Barney & Lexi, sleeping in my own car during Bk4 of M,S&L, my first car breaking down during the picture book project, Divorce, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Sickness and Success all tied into one amazing journey that I am proud to say shaped my writing world today.

One of the best quotes that I hold dear in my life is by former NFL player, Ray Lewis. He said, “What ever you do, don’t waste talent!” I recently say a documentary on his life and see just how hard he had lived and worked to make himself what he saw within himself! It can be done, you have to work hard, take the negative with the positive and keep moving forward.

While next Monday will come and I will be returning to my paycheck job for another week of work, I remain determined that one day, I will rise above and conquer my goal of becoming a full-time, published author!

Just keep on movin’ and Live With Passion!

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