The Evermore Collection

combine_imagesI could not have imagined the response that I would have gotten when I first sat down and penned the third stage of The Evermore story. I am flattered, to say the least, at how it has taken to social media and gone modestly viral! For that I will go no further with saying THANK YOU!

I have been asked one particular question from many of you. ‘Why do I not enter The Evermore into contest?’ The answer? I honestly don’t know! I guess I have pushed for Marky, Slash & Levy so hard in the past ten years because it means so very much to me. Barney & Lexi has been entered so much because I have had mostly positive feedback from agents and contest judges. Then there is The Boondock Kids, which I haven’t entered simply because it is not complete, YET!

As I love reading your comments everyday, I will follow your lead and enter The Evermore Collection into ten contest and see what becomes of the three stages of HE & SHE.

The first I will send out to will be to Writer’s Village International Short Fiction Contest in England, that’s right, England, I appreciate the nation very much and always make it a point to enter contest in Britain. On Friday I will enter Writer’s Digest SS Story Competition where the top prize is a trip to NYC!

Ok, now it is time to get on the horse and make it happen! And remember…..LIVE WITH PASSION!!

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