Author Cleared In Hearing

December 5th, 2014 will be a date that I will remember for many years to come!

It was 2012 and my now, ex-wife, had an accident in a vehicle that I had left to her in my divorce from her. In that divorce I signed our vehicle over to my ex-wife and walked away from it, free and clear. She would have a car wreck, two weeks later, without having my name taken off of the vehicle.

In that accident, other vehicles were badly damaged and a person was sent to the emergency room.

In the aftermath of this accident, a large insurance company out of Ohio filed a law suit against me, claiming that I was the owner of the vehicle and was asking for damages and liabilities. In 2013 court proceedings began to force my hand into a courtroom. However, the courtroom was five hours away in Chicago, Illinois, home to the law firm prosecuting me.

The past year has seen me fax the same set of forms over, and over, and over. The situation escalated to the point that if I did not show to the hearing in Chicago on this past September, I was to be arrested for contempt of court. I was left with no choice but to take out a bank loan for a couple of thousand dollars to hire a Chicago attorney to stand in my place during this trial.

In the series of hearings that followed, it looked as though I was to lose this case and was going to be asked to pay $20,000 to the insurance company for their legal fees and the injury cause in a wreck that I was not connected with. The court judge had ruled that since my name was on the title to the vehicle, I was liable, regardless of my divorce decree.

It was then, just as this large law firm was going in for the kill, my attorney earned her money and let it be known to the court the reason for my not appearing in person to these hearings. Upon hearing that I lived hours away and could not appear, the judge grated a motion to change the venue to my home county, which would allow me to defend myself in person.

The best news of all came after that announcement. Realizing that it would cost the insurance company far more to travel to southern Illinois to try me then the amount that they were asking from me, they declined to pursue the matter any further, granted that I did not ask for any of the money lost on my end from this senseless brought on by them.

Now, it is not hard to decide, $20,000 that will take years to pay off or $3,500 already lost that will be paid back by the middle of next year? Easy enough, I’ll take door number one and have this over, I accept!

What had turned into a nightmare has now shown its silver lining. Tonight, I lay down in my bed victorious! I stood my ground, kept my faith and continued to truck along. I am finally able to lay a giant to rest and perhaps even myself for a good nights sleep!

Live With Passion!

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