Great Result

sumner press 1When I was first approached by the publishers of The Sumner Illinois Press about being a part of the publications ‘Publisher’s Guest’ segment I was really excited! After reading the released issue of my guest spot, I could not be more humbled at how well the segment turned out and was published.

The strange thing is, that after 10 years now, I still look back on stories that I have told a million times  and continue to have the same joy in telling stories. They never seem to get old, in part I reckon, because they are true stories with real heart and soul behind each and every one!

I have been asked about the ‘Fall Issue’ of Southern Illinois Family Living Magazine and why I have not posted regarding the outcome of my interview there. The truth is, the publishers of that magazine had a situation arise that had to personally be handled. This forced the publication to be slowed, understandably, and the issue has not yet been released. In the time I have been riding this crazy thing called ‘A Writer’s Life’, I have all of the highest belief that when the issue is released, it will not only spectacular but well worth the time and thought put into it! As soon as it drops on the news stand I will let you know!

Before I leave tonight, I want to take a quick second from your time to say that if you have children, GIVE THEM A HUG!! Last night, Marcey and I awoke to a phone call that made us glad to know that our four children are safe and happy with us. So, hug a child today, it could make all the difference in their world! 🙂

Live With Passion!

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