As with every Veterans Day, our Cub Scout pack honors our nations flags by conducting a Flag Retirement Ceremony. It is always cold, but the fire is warm. The air is silent but the speech is always wonderful and tear provoking. As with ceremonies past, this years service was nothing short of memorable.

We had over 30 people attend from scouts, to parents to members of the community. It is always amazing to see how silly and wound up children always become so respectful when it comes to laying the American flag to rest. It stands as a reminder of the American Spirit, to be kind, show respect and give thanks for gratitude.

Being a member of our Cub Scout pack for six years now, I had the privilege of starting over. It was six years ago that I began scouting with my oldest son, Lynden as his Tiger Den Leader. Six years later, I have started over with my son, Ethan who I lead again his Tiger Leader. This year is special because I shared this experience with three of my four children. Lynden is a first year Boy Scout, Ethan is a Tiger Cub and my daughter Ruby is a Daisy Scout. My youngest son, Rylen, may follow his siblings next year and become a Tiger Cub.

Yesterday, I received one of the newspapers that is always welcoming of my works. Upon opening my package and reviewing the paper, I found that one of my photos was selected for printing and ran in this weeks edition. I am very thankful for such kindness, knowing that it does not have to be given!

Live With Passion!!

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