PG Interview Segment

With a week of Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, church and Veterans Day services, it had not been an easy week to sit down and work on interviews. Today, I sat down and did my interview with The Sumner (IL.) Press newspaper and told them the story of my picture book series, ‘Every Road, Every Season’. It turned out to be a great interview and will be released in the papers next issue.

As for my interview with Southern Illinois Family Living, a family situation involving its publisher has set back the release of it Fall Edition. I am confirmed for the issue and am humbled to be in it! I am not for sure when this issue will be on newsstands but I will let you know as soon as it arrives.

I’m exhausted to a certain extent but success does not get placed on your doorstep. I am hoping that before year’s end, my office can be put together and items that are boxed up can be addressed. As for Barney & Lexi, unfortunantly, I have no money right now to enter them into any contest but will work to return them to traveling in 2015!

I have also been asked about sending my ‘Evermore’ pieces in to contests. I will know more later. As for right now, I am so very grateful for your time! Without it, these would just be words, lost in space. As we say goodbye to Wednesday, I wish you a wonderful Thursday and hope you Live With Passion!

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