It’s A Go, And Then Some…

Today, I was contacted by Southern Illinois Family Living Magazine about the delay with publication of their Fall Issue release. In this crazy world of publishing, I am far used to space restriction, deadlines and printing malfunctions but every time a publisher or editor apologizes to me for the situation I am humbled. For every newspaper, magazine or e-zine I am interviewed for, it is I, the author and photographer, who is grateful to be given the time of day in the publishing world and always let another know that it is I who say ‘thank you’.

I will be in the Fall Issue which is in production now and set to hit newsstands!

I was also asked, upon review of the interview, if I would like to contribute an occasional event of interest to the magazine as an article and told that the owners of the magazine would like to meet me at some point in the future. For that, I can not help but smile with gratitude! After dealing with them over the month, I look forward to that meeting as well!

With gratitude comes appreciation!! Live WIth Passion!

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