Keep The Faith

Yesterday I found out that Hoosier Family Living Magazine had been released. I made arrangements to get a copy with and thoughts of appreciation to make the Fall Edition of the magazine. Unfortunately, I am not in the Fall Edition. If I have learned anything in my writing career, it is that, with publications, there are deadlines and available space. I had hoped that I would be able to see myself in such a great publication but sometimes things just happen, yeah I am used to it in my chosen profession, and I am glad for the times I felt wonderful at the thought of being in the magazine. There is still one more magazine out there that I interviewed with, Southern Illinois Family Living has not been released yet. Sending up a hope and prayer.

Right now, in my life, I cannot focus to write or pursue further attempts at success at this time.

I also apologize for such a lack luster writing as of late. I am saddened that a once strong relationship with a very close family member has deteriorated and has made a difficult time in my life much worse. I will admit to you, my readers, that it has brought me to the point of causing physical issues from the events of this past year. It is with a very tired mind and an exhausted body that I continue to keep the faith.

Take a moment of your day to Live With Passion…

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